Adjustments and New Features

RSS/ATOM feeds are now available for the last 20 updated diaries – I have restricted it to 20 presently in order to guage the load on the server. Individual diaries will be able to have their own feeds shortly, but I’m busy working on some massive changes to the Friends Only Management interface and don’t want to spend too long on RSS and ATOM feeds just yet.

I haven’t yet decided whether RSS feeds will be available to all diarists or just Plus users, or restricted in some way. I dunno yet – but I’ll think about it 🙂

Now for the adjustments – I have made a change to the logging procedure for diarists hits to eliminate the bots and spiders. This has a couple of beneficial effects… Not logging their hits will reduce database access (inserts) reasonably significantly as we’re being hit by a couple of robots every second. It’ll make the hits table smaller ( 2 hits a second from robots equates to 160,000 hits a day ) so the ‘Show My Hits’ scripts should soon start running a lot quicker. The Show My Hits scripts will show far more relevant statistics to you, instead of being cluttered with bunches of robots. And finally, over the next week or so, the Top Ten Diaries panel on the front page will show a much fairer representation of the real Top Ten Diaries.

Watch out for the new Friends Only Management coming soon 🙂

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