Friends Only Diaries

I have brought in a new feature for Plus Account holders. It is now possible to set your entire diary to be ‘Friends Only’ which removes the need to specify each individual entry as Friends Only if you know you only ever want friends alone to be able to access the entire diary.

The login screen for the diary is the same as the individual entry screen looks, so it should be familiar. If individual entries are already marked as friends only the visitor will NOT need to login to each individual entry if the whole diary is marked as friends only, as the system uses exactly the same authentication mechanisms for both. That means you can change your whole diary to friends only without needing to ‘unmark’ all the individual entries. If you subsequently made your diary public, then visitors would once again have to login to individual entries.

Setting your diary to private will override the Friends Only Setting and make your diary totally invisible, even to friends.

To mark your diary as friends only, go to Customize, General Diary Options, Basic Settings. Underneath where it says Private Diary, a few boxes down is a tick box to make your diary friends only.

As usual, drop me a line if there’s any questions. Please be aware though that today the weather is utterly appalling in Melbourne and I’m running on battery backup power until the power is restored, so I may not be able to respond very quickly, if at all today.


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    Ya done gone and read my mind, bucko!

    Was just thinking about suggesting "Friends Only" diaries, since we had the framework.

    Might I also suggest experimenting with the RSS feed for individual diaries as a Plus only feature, as a starting test?

    That would allow you to control the impact while testing out how it impacts the server, since there’s less than a 100 plus users. Less wide reaching.

    Too bad FireFox’s "Live Bookmarks" don’t make it easy to see author, unlike other RSS aggregators.

  2. Dear Steve,

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanx for first of all, respondin’ to my help request so darn quickly and secondly, for fixin’ that lil’ "friends only" comment problem. Even tho it IS early mornin’ Saturday here and I’ve yet to getta few cups of java in me, if I am presently correct, ya did exactly what ya stated ya’d do with that problem….for which I, and I’m pretty sure plenty others, are extremely grateful.

    Therefore, may I now bow down gracefully (I mean gratefully….cuz this ol’ biker woman don’t EVER do a damn thing "gracefully" See? I TOLD ya I need some coffee in me!) to HRH Diary Guru Guy, Steve.

    Yer the BEST!

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