New Users who signed up after I implemented the Friends Only Diary feature will probably have noticed that they couldn’t change their diary title, nor private diary settings, plus the welcome texts and a whole bunch of other diary options. This was because the script which is supposed to check whether you have agreed to the DD.Net Terms And Conditions Of Use was broken and was automatically allowing people to update their diaries without first having agreed to the T&C. Unfortunately a side effect of not going through that screen is that the diary isn’t properly setup and so it cannot be properly customized.

This is now fixed. New users will be presented with the T&C screen, and even if you have recently logged in, but were not presented with that screen before you will need to agree to them in order to get your diary properly setup. This only affects diaries that were created after Friday of last week.

I believe the fix has also fixed the spurious Internal Server Error issue I also mentioned – although time will tell on that score 🙂

Sorry about that one!! A typo in the script was the cause


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