Regarding Hamipiks Announcement

To answer some questions, in reverse order:

Plus Account Holders are emailed a week before the subscription expires, and then again when the subscription actually expires, so you get a reasonable warning. I thought I had added somewhere to tell people exactly when the subscription expired, but having checked just now I can’t find it any more, so it must have been somewhere else I did that – lol

The Hamipiks accounts that I will be deleting in a couple of weeks time, will be accounts that have long since been dead, as far as Plus status is concerned. These accounts will have had well over a months free access, possibly up to six depending on how generous I feel. Most of them will actually be ex-UKTS users who no longer use the site at all because they’re over on AtomIC still and are just remnants from the move.

There will be no scripts for fetching the pictures down or updating links within diaries! These are accounts that already using up space, possibly bandwidth for free while up to date people fund them – I don’t think I should be expected to provide something extra for them! (Eliezer, you’ve nothing to worry about anyway, your account is Plussed until way into next year :))

JanuaryGirl, my records indicate that you’ve never used Hamipiks anyway, so you don’t have any to fetch down. For those that have pictures stored on Hamipiks and are no longer plussed you can go to and click search, enter your own username in the box to view your own albums and then simply choose each image you want to download, right click and ‘save as’.

Note that this information is totally irrelevant to anyone that’s not used Hamipiks. It is not referring to the ‘private graphics’ areas of DearDiary.

I’ll add the ability to see when your Plus account expires as a ToDo for when I get back home.


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  1. Man it took me like 10 minutes to figure out the difference between private graphics and hamipics and pictures in diaries. Wow.

    I don’t completely understand hamipics. My question would be (and this has been lingering in my head for a while) if I paid for a year of plus-ness and for whatever reason the day that I needed to pay to resubscribe came around and I didn’t have the money that day because I get paid once a month or every other week is there a lag time built in there so I wouldn’t loose all my pics or is it like that day or nothing? I don’t know I think about stuff like that.

  2. ***Man it took me like 10 minutes to figure out the difference between private graphics and hamipics and pictures in diaries. Wow.***

    (You figured it out?)

    My HamiKO PLUS* membership helped me become a picture and graphics freak!

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