Advertising Revenue Drops Very Low

I’ve checked our advertising revenue for the last few months and it’s extremely disappointing. The numbers also don’t match the number of hits to the site to various pages which means people are using ad blockers. I’d like to remind people that although everyone hates advertisements, especially intrusive ones but advertising is what tries to pay for the free services that are found at and if everyone uses ad-blockers I will need to switch more and more features to Plus only to compensate.

The server costs are around $400 a month guys, and last month I earned $80 from advertising – you do the maths 😉

If you’re not a Plus user, please spare a moment and think about how the free access to the site is funded. Then if you believe this site offers you something, please put as a site that’s allowed to show you advertising into your ad-blocking software.

Sadly, most of the people who won’t read this are actually the people who are also blocking ads so I am preaching to the already converted. Spread the word!! 🙂


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  1. Since not everyone has their notifies set up to receive DD1 (though they should), maybe you should send this out as an e-mail to all subscribers.

    It might upset some subscribers, but I think it is fair to make more of the features Plus Only.

    I’ll do my best to help spread the word.

  2. I didn’t realize that ad-blockers prevented you from receiving ad revenues! I always figured they paid you a set amount per month/week/day to add their adds to the pop-ups.

    So as long as those ads don’t send any spyware, ad-ware, malware, or whatnot to my computer – I’ll set my ad-blocker to allow them if I can 🙂

    This is the only page I go to with pop-ups. I have dial up and not the fastest dial up connection up here in the boonies so all these pop-up’s almost kill my computer. After numerous instances of spyware and such being dropped on my computer I had to put my netscape to block ads here too.

    Honestly everytime you put up your messages like this it calls to arms rabid plus users. I know that you really need the money but like I said the price american it costs to use this site is just too much for me and a lot of other people. Notice who our president is and how he has destroyed our economy. I always feel attacked by them and degraded and everytime this topic comes up I feel like I don’t even want to be here anymore let alone pay for a plus account and be one of them.

    I know that you understand that some of us are either too young or financially not secure enough to pay to be here and I appreciate that which is why I haven’t left so far.


    I feel a bit guilty about not reupping my membership when it expired. The first round of membership was to help sustain DD, even though I really cant afford to keep paying for it.

    At risk of ruining my freebies from the site I would like to give you my input on the situation.

    Bottom line was I didnt use anything that my membership paid for. The only thing I noticed was that the popups stopped. I tried blogger and found it useless and decided writing in word and typing in my own HTML was far more effective. I guess I prefer the auto correct of the Word format where it points out my errors as I go plus I can right click on a mispelled word and get suggestions. I know that you do not control the format of blogger, but that was my opinion on it.

    Also I didnt like Hamipics. I found the pictures to link rather large and throw off the layout of my DD. I thought it was helpful and nice to have the HTML links post after the picture uploaded, but what if you were uploading tons of pics. How are you to get that HTML code back after your done (if you dont know what you are doing) Also there is no way to directly link back to other pages like DD from your different screens once you get off of DD.

    I stopped using the email, rather I used it as a point of contact if other members wanted to email me based on a DD entry, but what I found rather annoying was the point that a email I paid for was recieving SPAM.

    What I DO like about DD is the fact that we can create a diary based on our personality and likes. Unlike other online blogs, DD has the oppertunity to really go all out in making a page something awsome to look at. I dont see many boring diaries around here. Everyone takes the time to decorate their corner of the web.

    I dont know about others, but I am sure many people would freak out if their option to decorate suddenly became a plus user option. Perhaps a limited number of graphics could be offered as a freebie, and things like uploading to "personal graphics" be something paid for. Perhaps the usage of typing in and linking graphics via HTML be blocked to non paying users so that people cant find away around the system.

    I know sometimes you have to give a taste of things to get membership so people will want to pay for the site. But the bottom line is that it isnt working.

    Based on the old saying "why pay for the milk when the cow is giving it away for free?" The thing is Steve (and no offence) that paying users arent really getting anything useful with a membership. You are giving away the awsome parts of DD for free, so why would anyone want to pay for it?

    Sorry to be so blunt, but I thought as a former paying user I would give my opinion. I love writing on DD and I love alot of the features of the basic site that set it aside from other online diaries. I would pay for the site if I felt I got more out of my membership.


    Steve, I hope this is the correct forum to file my complaint. I know that DancingButterfly has complained to you about Monstergue. I just want to support her in this effort. Monstergue has on several occassions taken the opportunity in her entries to verbally attack and embarrass me in the safety net of her diary pages. She hasn’t actually used my full name because I’ve not given that to her but she has used my DD name. She has also come into my diary and left nasty comments. In fact, I wrote you recently and asked you if there was any way to block a diarist without doing friends only entries. The reason I asked that question was because of Monstergue. I have removed her from my friends list, banned her from commenting and have at this point taken my diary private for a while. I do think it’s important to feel safe here. Free from ridicule and verbal abuse. I would like to see action taken against Monstergue too.

    You have done a wonderful job for all of us. This site is just wonderful and used by so many. Everything you do is much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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