For Those Too Lazy To Read

Just in case any of the recent spate of bun fighters can’t be bothered to check out The Terms And Conditions (which incidentally have not changed for some significant period of time) – the relevant clauses are clause 3 and 4 and are copied below for you;

# Diary entries must not publish details of individuals that may identify them (either in an online or real life fashion) unless the diary author has written permission from the individual that could be identified and can prove this to the DearDiary.Net… Administration. Such identities may be construed as (but not limited to) First and Last names, Names and Addresses and/or Names and Telephone numbers.
# Authors may not post defamatory entries that name, either by implication or explicitly, other diary authors. Such entries will be deleted without notice and repeated offences under this clause can result in any or all accounts held at Hamiko being removed and your permission to use the system revoked (see clause 10). There is no scope within this clause for determining ‘who started it’, as any diary entry that violates this clause will be subject to the remedial action already specified, regardless of ‘who started it’.

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    thanks steve for reminding us about that. you mean i have been gracious to a diarist for not reporting such offense done to me? shucks! i’ll take note of that this time.


  2. Thanks Steve for bringing this up..Over the time I have been here I have noticed that this seems to come up alot, why when the rules are as clear as day is beyond me.

    So I guess we say that DD is under a "no tolerance" policy now eh? 😉

    Hugs and Love,

  3. The last thing on earth folks as busy as you all should have to deal with is infighting and the like. I’ve never had to deal with the sorts of things I’ve watched others have to deal with, but it’s nice to know that you care enough to be a bit of a hall monitor and to know that if anything like that ever happened to me personally I’d be able to actually point at something and say, "Hey, quit it, you’re breaking the rules."

  4. This is a stupid question but where did the term bun fights come from? And when did it come around?

    I always thought of the diary fights as more like combative blogging or brawling diarists over the years…

    Anyhow, thanks for babysitting the masses once again. 🙂

  5. "This site does not tolerate fighting between authors in public diaries and your diary will be removed without question if you choose to write inflammatory entries about each other."

    Wow. And here I thought stuff like that only happened over at AOL’s Methadone Support Message Board 😉

  6. My mother always referred to the yearly Boxing Day huge family get-together tea as the bun fight and I never knew what that meant either. <g> I hasten to add that there was never any fighting involved 😉 It must be a purely English expression but I’m blowed if I know what it means. 🙂 Thanks for caring enough to take a tough stance to protect us from any future nastiness Steve. It’s appreciated.
    Sair 🙂

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