Major Bug Bashing Excercise

I’d been made aware of a bunch of seperate bugs with the Manage Friends screen, notably that changing the option from Automatically Accept to Manually Review didn’t work (and from looking at the code it never could – I’ve no idea how I managed to come up with the idea that it worked when I released it?!?) and that clearing more than one box on the Request Notify column didn’t work properly.

Actually the whole bloody screen was stuffed in so many ways it wasn’t funny.

I’ve done a major overhaul of it and it appears to be working fine now – but please please drop me a line if you find something with it that is still broken. The code in there, despite being new, is quite complicated because of the fact that it’s dealing with a database design that could have been a little more ‘intuitive’ when it was first written… Anyway, I think it’s working properly now.

If everyone that reads this would please check, and double check that their friends lists are doing what they expect I would appreciate it. By that I mean, go to the screen, check the ticks are in the right place AND the drop down option for if you want to automatically accept notification requests – and then press the submit button to ‘re-iterate’ your settings. Just in case.


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  1. Does that have anything to do with the reason why I kept getting "Could not connect to the data base" errors alot yesterday?

    Just wondering is all….

  2. *pats you on the back* That’s sooooo technical… but I’m assuming that it’s good now and bad before. Keep up the good work.

    Is there anyway that the diary owners could be counted automatically as friends of themselves to get into their own friend’s only entries with out having to to through the entire accept a friend procedure for themselves? (I know it’s off topic… I have ADHD though.)

  3. Any chance we could get the Search feature up and running now that we have more horsepower?

    I miss being able to search for keywords in my diary to find my specific old entries.

  4. Ok I tried to read that again… I am not going to be the only non-techy dd person. So I worked on translating it into English.

    I got to bijou and wasn’t sure if you were talking about the french for jewel or if you were talking about hamtaro. You have a machine that apparantly lifts weights or something that also runs covert operations while looking like it’s working. You took away the machines power to do the covert stuff (which means as you know it will have a tantrum this weekend and quit working it’s real job). But now it works like it should have been working.

  5. Re: Checking Managing Friends.
    Seems to check out.
    I unchecked all the Request Notifies,
    and changed the status of Accept Manually.
    After submission all changes took hold properly.

    Then I changed things back to the way they were before. Submitted. Changes took effect. Then I submitted again just to make sure they remained.
    They did. Good job.

  6. I’ve noticed the front page loads much faster now!
    Yes, the friends list is working a bit better now, still have to do the ticks one at a time, and my ‘manually review’ still keeps reverting to ‘automatic’.
    Great job! 🙂

  7. THAT explains why boxes I checked kept unchecking themselves. I kept fixing them, and they kept unfixing themselves when my back was turned. I was convinced it was something simple I was doing wrong, because the problem wasn’t consistent. I’ll keep an eye on mine the next few days and see if the situation has stabilized.

  8. Sorry Steve, but I’ve gotta ditto alifelessordinary’s comment.

    Am I pitifully stupid or WHAT?….cuz I have NO clue as to what yer referrin’ to.

    However, I reckon that since all is well on this end (i.e. "if it ain’t broke…, etc.") I’m just gonna go along on my merry way now.

    But I’m quite sure that I’ll be back again soon with yet another comment that’ll reaffirm my complete stupidity.


    I just checked out my manage friends screen and it seems to be working fine..However I wanted to ask you if there is anyway that we can DELETE people that are on the list to whom we don’t wish to be there. I know that on mine there are some diarist who no longer even write here and some who have completely closed down the diary they had and I just wish I could delete some of the names off of mine.

    Thanks for all the work your doing for us here.

    Hugs and Love,

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