DearDiary.Net January Sale – And Search Is Restored

For a limited time the price of a Plus account has been slashed by around 30% – which with the current US Dollar exchange rate should represent a significant saving for our US friends. The price for a whole years Plus account is now a mere £15.75 (was £22.50), or approximately US$ 30.50, with similar savings on the 6 month subscription and the 1 month subscription.

Check out the features table for a comprehensive list of the advantages of being a Plus account holder – and don’t forget the list is growing all the time, with a bunch of new features planned for 2005

So now there’s never been a better time to support DearDiary.Net continuation, Go Plus!

To our DearDiary.Net supporters, please help by spreading the word to your other DD friends who don’t necessarily read this diary and get them to read this diary too – there’s lots of reasons to keep up to date! 🙂

Update: To answer Salamanders question, yes it is possible to renew now to take advantage of this – you can renew Plus accounts at any time and the new subscription will be added on to the existing expiry date.

Further Update: (Because I don’t want this to drop off the front page yet I’m sticking it here – lol)
The Search feature is restored – you can now search for keywords again, from the front page – click the ‘Home’ button when you’re on someone’s diary, or of course just navigate to to start with.

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  1. WOW! what a great price! I hope you get lots of new subscribers! You deserve it man! I forgot about this place for two whole years, you see there was this spaceship that beamed me up and I just got back! DearDiary was the first place i just HAD to visit (even before the hospital!)

    Good luck! 🙂

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