BIG Spring Clean – Code and Data

As promised in early Novmber, I have now deleted all the expired Plus accounts pictures from Hamipiks. This has
removed somewhere just over 1500 albums from Hamipiks and somewhere approaching 4 Gigs of disk has been freed up. Not bad for an afternoon’s work 🙂

I suspect, from looking at the error log on the web server, that there’ll be some people that are less than happy – but before anyone complains I should like to point out that I gave over 6 weeks notice for this in this entry.

Those that are expired and now removed might like to update their img src tags on their websites to prevent their websites being broken.

On more positive news, I have added the facility for RSS and Atom feeds for individual diaries – for those using Firefox you should see the live bookmarks icon in your status bar now when you’re visiting individuals diaries.

I’ve also put some geeky (but I think cool) statistics bars and words on the front page. You can now see how long the server has been without a reboot, how much bandwidth its presently using, how much stress it is under, and how many people are logged in to their diaries. If you don’t visit the front page very often, go check it out and make me happy 🙂

I also, after popular demand, added a Donate button to the front page where you can make a donation to the upkeep of the site without going the full Plus route. I’d rather at the moment that people donated to the Asian Tsunami fund in their country than to DearDiary though – but the option is now there.

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  1. Cool beans!

    So is 2005 going to bring some big changes to DD? 😉

    Thanks for all the hard work you do for us to keep this site going. I hope that more people do donate and go plus for you.

    Hugs and Love,

    *Off to the home page to check out this new stuff you talk of*

  2. Love the individual RSS feeds on diaries. Way overdue and much beloved.

    Much better way to keep up with my favorite folks.

    We’re getting almost blog-featured. Woo hoo!

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