w.bloggar Upgraded

www.wbloggar.com has released a new update of the fantastic w.bloggar client which is a great way to write your diary entries if you don’t like the web interface.

w.bloggar has a whole raft of cool features, which you can see at www.wbloggar.com and it’s described as ‘The best interface between you and your blog’. Certainly it’s one of the most popular too.

DearDiary.Net has had support for w.bloggar for some time, and up until now you’ve needed to configure w.bloggar manually to connect to DearDiary.Net, but those days are gone as with this release Marcelo has included support for DearDiary.Net out of the box. No more needing to know complex configuration information – you just need your username and password!

w.bloggar is a lot quicker, and quite a lot easier than using the web interface – and is especially useful for those that want to post diary/blog entries without appearing to be browsing the web, if you get what I mean… 🙂

If you’re a Plus User the use of w.bloggar is completely unlimited and part of your Plus account. For Standard users, the use of w.bloggar is limited to making 5 posts or updates.

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  1. So now if I’m reading this right…. you might be encouraging us to screw off at work and/or at school and helping us do that covertly with the w.blogger interface?

    You so have to put something about that in your advertising pitch. It’s so easy and compact your boss wont’ even know you’re not working.

    That is why you’re the coolest.

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