FTP Space for Plus Account Holders

DearDiary.Net is proud to announce that there is now 20 Megs of FTP space is now available for Plus account holders. The space can be used for anything that is legal, that you want to put onto your diary – this could be music (though you must make sure you have the copyright holders permission), pictures (though you can of course use Hamipiks for that), Word documents, etc.

This provides better support for wBloggar and other Blog Publishing tools that will automatically upload any media in your entries to your FTP space. Check the wBloggar web site for more information about how to set it up to use FTP.

A great FTP program to use is Smart FTP. Download and install, then enter ftp.deardiary.net and your DearDiary.Net username and password. This will take you directly to your ftp space area. Right click on the folder on the left which says ftp.deardiary.net and choose ‘Upload’ then simply search for your files on your computer to upload. You can also use this right click method for inserting new folders (ie: images) etc.

New Plus accounts created after today will have the FTP space automatically created. Any Plus accounts that were created before today will need to drop me a line if you want the FTP space and I’ll create it for you. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that your Members Button Bar now gives you the date your Plus account expires so that you can see when you’ll run out of all the great features! With this is in place, the system will now remove Mail accounts and the new FTP space when the Plus subscription expires (it will mail you twice before this happens so make sure your private email address is up to date and is NOT a deardiary.net hosted address!). Over the next few weeks I will be setting the system up to remove Hamipiks pictures when Plus accounts expire, rather than leaving them lying around as currently happens.

The files in the FTP space can be viewed on the web by using the URL of http://www.deardiary.org/~username – for example, for this diary it would be http://www.deardiary.org/~deardiary1. For Plus users this means that you can effectively host your own website at DearDiary.Net by uploading an index.html to your FTP space and directing people to that URL. Note though that you cannot use any type of scripting (so no Perl or PHP pages!). If you want to do that you’ll need to watch this space for our fully fledged hosting service announcement which will be coming up real soon!

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  1. I have to read this over again to see if I can understand some of it. However, the bit I understood is very exciting! I am a pleased Plus Account User. (Who only today figured out how to put my pictures from Hamipiks into my diary.)


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