Abuse Reported

Apologies for this evening’s slowdown and eventual error messages regarding the inability to connect to the database.

The problem was due to someone who submitted at least 730 requests within 2 minutes for individuals diaries. The address range, and browser type did not indicate this was a normal search engine spider, and given the sheer number of requests from the particular network I can only assume it was intended to be a denial of service attempt.

I have traced the perpetrator and have reported them to their ISP, along with plenty of evidence from the machine.

For those who are interested, the server load hit over 90 briefly until I traced the source and blocked it.

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  1. Glad you are so smart..
    I have never even known how to check hits
    And as to the requests.. How insane.. Why would they want to shut our service down. Is somebody jealous??
    Thanx for all you continue to do..
    You totally ROCK
    we love you!

  2. Okay I understand what you’re saying, but I have no idea how someone can even try to queary that many times. Must have a pretty fast clicker finger. 🙂

  3. That is strange. People, get a life. Yesterday I made private my theme diaries . . . now that was quite a bit of work for the server, you can imagine! LOL

    Glad you were on top of things here.

    Happy Easter Weekend!

  4. Actually, I think it might have been this morning – 17 diaries that I made private, I remember seeing the server load was high, so sorry if I contributed!

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