Slight Advert Proliferation

We’ve got some fairly lucrative advert campaigns running at the moment, the first since approximately the end of 1999 and the number of showings the customer wants is significantly higher than we’ve been able to deliver in the first week of the campaign. As such I’ve been asked (and agreed to) add some adverts to pages to boost the numbers that are being shown.

The adverts aren’t added to anyone’s diaries (except this one because, well it’s my choice if I have ad’s added to this diary isn’t it? :)) but they have been added to pages that already carried advertising.

Anyway, apologies if it offends anyone, but I really have to make the most of even the slightest upturn in the advertising market 🙂 On the bright side, the more of you freebie users that see and click on adverts, the more of the site I can keep running for free 🙂

Please note that the lucrative campaigns are NOT popup based, so you shouldn’t be seeing an increase in popup numbers!

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