IP Address Change

Unfortunately an IP Address change was forced upon me by the hosting provider, which resulted in an outage for some while I figured out a way to get the server to respond to both IP addresses until the DNS updates.

Most people probably haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about. Suffice to say if you didn’t see a ‘Server Maintenance’ screen you don’t need to worry, and if you DID, it should be all over now 😉

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    I have a question for you….

    I have been discussing with another diarist the concept of a traveling journal. I thought it might be neat to get a real journal and fill in some pages, then mail it to another Dear Diary member (who is interested in participating) and then they will mail it to another and so on until it is full. Whereupon we wanted to send it to you as an archival kind of memento of the friendships we have developed here at DD. All this would be voluntary and I will not be in possesion of any real addresses except the person I am mailing it to. So people who are interested in participating WILL be giving a real address to one person each in order to GET the journal.

    Is such a project in violation of the Dear Diary policies?

    I realized I should maybe run this by you first just to make sure I am not being a dunderhead about some unforseen consequence.

    I haven’t said anything about this to anyone, except the one diarist, and that in a private conversation.

    We got the idea from the 1000 Journals project. We thought ONE would be enough for us to handle!

    Anyway, let me know what you think. And I will hold my enthusiasm in check until I hear from you…


    thanks for the prompt reply, steve. somehow due to my title, i was hoping you’d notice.

    i was just thinking out aloud in my diary, as it has been my observation lately. yet i wasn’t too sure if my observation about them is right. it doesn’t really bother me. was trying to get my other friends’ opinion about it.

    looking at the recent updates, it seems obvious which diaries are, because they carry similar titles and entries. they got links leading to another blogsite even like ‘blogger’. they carry titles about blogging and equity loans.

    as usual, your candid observer here.


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