Diary Spam

I have noticed a disturbing new phenomenon for DearDiary – diary spam. There have been a number of instances where diaries are created with entries that are selling something, often from China. This is quite a surprise because it is not all that easy for a new diarist to sign up automatically, and most spammers like things to be completely automated.

DearDiary.Net is not a place for people to advertise their commercial products for free and I shall be updating the Acceptable Use Policy to be more specific in Section 2 where it states that diaries may not link to certain places, and may not participate in commercial banner campaigns to include that they may not be created purely for commercial gain. In the meantime I shall be removing any diary I come across with content just meant to be spamming people under Section 6 of the Acceptable Use Policy.

If you come across such a diary, please notify us soon as possible – we do not wish for these companies to benefit from DearDiary’s page rank on Google and they will be immediately removed!

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  1. Did you also see the diaries that were promoting educational products or something like that? I can’t quite remember what it was, but if I ever see that ‘diary’ again, I’ll report it. But the fact that I haven’t seen it since, maybe you already knew about it and deleted it.

  2. Wow, they just came out in force!
    I’m sure you can find them by the time, round 8 am GMT.


    Just to name the few that are on the front page right now!

    I have noticed this user name; blueskytent with an entrée dated Dec 5, 2005 is soliciting tents. I do not know if this is what you asked about in helping in DD. Will send this private. Do not what to get anyone upset if it is not.

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