New Users Disabled, Last Ten Updates Disabled

New User Signups are disabled until I can find an appropriate method to block the spammers, my adjustments last night were completely fruitless. I’ve also temporarily disabled the Last Ten Updates because that’s clearly the only place of any interest to them since that’s where the Google Pagerank is. I shall be considering options over the next few days and apologise for the temporary inconvenience.

These spams must be deliberate acts by humans because the methods needed to get a diary post onto the system would require at least a pre-programmed script. So it is unlikely that they are ‘zombie’ PCs .

Of course, I’m quite flattered. For someone to spend so much time and effort getting around all the various  systems just to post up entries that will be deleted a few moments later is a sign that DearDiary must be a worthy place to post these days!

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