Internal Server Errors Persist – And What is Skeleton99?

The changes I’ve made seem to have eased the ISE’s, but not eradicated them completely. Someone in a comment yesterday noted that it only seems to happen on the diaries that have a lot of entries. This would make sense because the system is dragging various details of every entry a diarist has written in order to calculate things like whether a prev or next button is needed, and for generating the calendar and/or entry list.

I have devised a new way of working things like that out for the new DD, but retro fitting it to the old code base would be horrid. I think for now I just have to ask you all to be patient for a bit longer still.

Yesterday many of you noticed that you couldn’t log in because skeleton99 was missing. In actual fact skeleton99 never went anywhere and was always there (hanging around in the cupboard?) and what was actually happening was that the database code wasn’t working properly after my tweaks and couldn’t find him. Skeleton99 is the base configuration account and is used to display the minty green diary look when you have no other customizations setup. If the system can’t find him then it has no way to know what the default customization should be in case you haven’t set your own up.

Hope that helps!

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  1. may i also add an observation that some diaries which may have a lot of enormous sizes of photos and graphics plus long entries sometimes won’t budge and i couldn’t leave its page and go back to another even if i keep clicking buttons? my end means would be to exit the entire site and open a new window.

    just something to think about.

    thanks for all the effort you put into this diary site. always the best site for me as ever.


  2. Is this related to email posts not working. I haven’t got the confirmation email back on the posts I emailed in the last couple days.

  3. Just wondering about something. A while back you disabled one of the search engines somehow, so that their spiders wouldn’t overload the system.

    These past few days, I’m noticing a dramatic dropoff in the number of hits I get from the search bots.

    Something you did, or is it just coincidence?

    Hugs, and many thanks for the hard work,

  4. Thank goodness!

    Now I won’t get so much junk mail from John Q. Public over some entry that I don’t even remember writing over five years ago because they looked something or some term out of the entry up in some search engine!

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