Long(ish) Outage

Hi all,
The server went down about 12 hours ago for what was intended to be a 15 minute upgrade to add another Gigabyte of RAM (so that the load would hopefully be reduced and those darn Internal Server Errors would be less willing to show themselves) but unfortunately last weeks changes to the service meant that it didn’t reboot cleanly and I discovered it issuing ‘Bad Response From Proxy’ or something similar.

I’ve fixed the issue and it should reboot cleanly next time. The server is now showing 1.5G of RAM (though it should be showing 2G) so we’re investigating who’s nicked the other half gig.


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  1. Yesterday’s "Bad Gateway" messages got me to wondering how a gate could go bad when it is oiled so frequently. LOL

    I appreciate how hard you work to keep us up and running smoothly.

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