Notify Now Working (I think!)

Notifications should now be working again, at least for new and updated entries. The comment notification system is different and probably isn’t working just yet 🙂

Thanks for your patience everyone, things are gradually coming back on stream!

Managing Friends List is now functioning again, and for those of you that had discovered you couldn’t save your Index, Welcome, Header or Footer messages, these too should now be fixed.

Please send bug reports anywhere except to me 😉


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  1. and the good thing about that prolonged downtime was…….i know i still love and miss DD when it’s inaccessible, and the DD wizard is still around after all, hey! lol.


  2. Thank you. I didn’t know you were going to move servers though. But thanks again. I hope everyone thanks you by buying memberships or making donations to keep this going.

  3. You gave us all heart attacks you know…we are all so attached to this place…when it falls, we fall.
    I’ve noticed trouble viewing some diarists’ pictures that I could previously view, just to let you know.
    Thanks for the work you do here for all of us!

  4. I’m not seeing pictures either, and the links to Hamipiks on the homepage don’t seem to be working.

    There’s an interesting delay effect happening with comments, too.

    ^ ^

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