Calendary Goodness

I’ve received a few e-mails in the last few days to tell me that the ‘Previous Month’ link wasn’t working on the calendar.

After a bit of a search I have discovered that it was due to a server misconfiguration, details of which I won’t bore you with, but it is now reconfigured and the Previous and Next month links are now working properly again.

Sorry about that!


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    actually, since you at fixing, I was going to mention that search in Open Fiction doesn’t work either when trying to do a "search for works", you get error message:
    Query failed [SELECT u.user_name AS username,w.title AS title, AS workid,u.user_id AS userid FROM w,kabarty_common.users u WHERE u.user_id = w.user_id AND ((w.publication != 0) OR (w.visible = 1)) AND u.user_name like ‘%shadeofhue%’ AND w.deleted_date = 0 ORDER BY w.title] – SELECT command denied to user ‘openfiction_ofus’@’localhost’ for table ‘works’

    thanks in advance

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