Much Slackness in the Support Area

Afternoon all,
We must apologise for the very slow responses people have experienced recently when writing with support requests (or actually, any kind of requests). We have just completed an overseas move which saw us leave our house in England on the 9th of October, and only just yesterday arrive in our new house in Australia.

In the meantime of course we have been without significant internet access (fortunately the server seems to have behaved itself without intervention in all that time!) and had to rely on the occasional webmail session – which is just not nice for replying to long technical e-mails! Couple that with the fact that we’ve been SO busy with real life things (selling cars, packing boxes, dumping much rubbish, moving day, visiting family one last time before leaving, living out of suitcase, flying halfway round the world, living with family while we organize our new home, buying new car, getting phone, electric and broadband on, moving in, unpacking boxes, getting new mobiles, chasing electric company because they hadn’t switched the electric on, figuring out broadband settings because ISP’s tech support line takes years to get through to, you get the idea ;-)) and you can perhaps begin to see what’s happened 🙂

Anyway, as of today we’re pretty much back in the saddle, the broadband is in and working despite that we’re in one of the most rural areas I’ve ever seen (yay Telstra!) and so we should be able to keep things ticking along nicely again.

If you’ve sent a support request that has not been answered now, please resubmit it, as it’s obviously been ‘lost in the post’ because we have answered all the messages in the support inbox now.

Steve and Rose.

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  1. Boy, now that I have read this post, I understand all…. 😉

    Wow, now I have four DD friends in Australia and New Zealand! I feel so global!

    Enjoy your new country. I hear it’s a corker!

    It’s a pleasure hearing about your family life. I hope that you and Rose are very happy in your new home.


  3. And I thought our last move was hard…… hope you will find it well worth all the hassles as everything settles into place.

    Welcome home Steve and Rose. 🙂

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