Switching Owner Company – again

Hello all,
As some of you may be aware, I’m now living in Australia and have been for a few months. A few years ago, the company that owns DearDiary.Net (and OpenFiction) was renamed from Hamiko Ltd to Kabarty Ltd though it’s taken some time for parts of the site to be updated to reflect that. Probably there’s still some remnants of the old name left even now.

However, this time, the ownership is being transferred from Kabarty Ltd (a UK registered company) to Kabarty Pty Ltd (an Australian registred company). The only area this will really affect (apart from cosmetically on the site) is the Plus payments system, which will switch from showing Kabarty Ltd to showing Kabarty Pty Ltd. However, as they’re totally seperate PayPal accounts, it’s possible that something may go wrong.

I’ve tested a transaction myself and it went through OK and ‘Plussed’ my account. However, if you try to go Plus and it doesn’t automatically add your payment, or something else goes wrong, please visit The Support Pages and let me know.

It should be noted that the ownership of both Kabarty Ltd and Kabarty Pty Ltd is staying with Steve and Rose, nothing’s changing there. It’s just for ease of accounting (and I’m getting bored of doing returns for 2 companies!).

If you’ve any questions feel free to drop us a line!
Steve and Rose.

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  1. Good luck ..and thanks for all your efforts .
    Hope you are enjoying your new lives in Oz .

    Solosair just bought me a years update on my plus ..hope it went through the new system ok .

    Take care mate !!

    L xxx

    Having loads of problems with DD lately. Lots of problems opening and using Manage Friends List and entries and leaving comments. What’s going on? Update please!!!

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