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  1. Really thanks for your hard working. I am very happy to get my diary ‘reborn’!!!

    I never give up for this Deardiary, it is brilliant.

  2. I have recently started using my rss feed reader in Firefox and the thing works great.
    Glad you mentioned it to the group as I was thinking the same thing the other day!

    I’ve been on for months and have never had a problem until you took the server down this last time. I’ve got my mail settings so that suspected SPAM goes into a folder that I can look at seperately and nothing is coming through there, either, from DD so I’m not sure that comcast is the problem. I’m going to go in to my diary and change the notify addy back to my old ISP just for giggles to see if it forwards. I’m aware that there can be security risks with RSS feeds so I’m not eager to jump on that bandwagon.

    I’ll let you know if I get forwards from my old ISP. That might give you a clue one way or the other as to what’s going on.

    Thanks for all your hard work. I know we can be a cranky and demanding bunch 😉

    Referring to my last comment: I just changed my e-mail and I’m getting notifies but I’m not sure why it took Comcast months to block them and why it coincided with your taking the server down this last time. I’ll bang my head against a brick wall and call Comcast next week because, as I’ve stated, the notifies should have gone to my SPAM folder not just been lost in space *rolls eyes*.

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