Slight glitch in the 'More' Button / Show Updated Diaries Screen

A number of people had written and alerted me to the fact that the Show Updated Diaries screen was broken, in that it was never getting past the ‘Please Wait’ message.

This was because someone’s diary title had HTML special characters in it which equated to an HTML comment, and thus the rest of the page was being commented out! I have fixed this little oversight and now no HTML special characters in the diary title will affect this page any more.

Unfortunately the first few times I went to look at it, the person’s diary had dropped off the list of updated diaries and so everything worked fine for me!

Apologies for the inconvenience, found it in the end!


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    DD seems to be having all manner of problems these last few days. Several people have e-mailed me because they have not been able to access DD at all. I can access the home page, and a few randon diaries, but others can’t be reached at all.

    Yetzirah is worried because she tried to e-mail you and it bounced back. Since I could access this diary I decided to try to reach you this way.

    Hope you are well and DD will be back to rights soon. We so rely on it to keep in touch.

    If you have a moment could you contact me and I’ll pass the word along.

    [email protected]

  2. OMG Steve… something is WAY out of whack with DD.
    When I CAN get on (which is rare) I cannot navigate anywhere else on DD. I can get to one page, but then that’s it, if I try to do anything else, I get a timed out page load error. It has been this way for about 6 days.

    I have been contacting some of my friends list by the emails that I had for some of them, and compiling a list to try to stay in touch.

    I have to admit that I went over to OpenDiary and started writing there to keep in touch with my readers.

    I don’t WANT to go over to the dark side!!!!!!!

    Help us!

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