Possibly found something

In a rare moment of enlightenment I may have discovered something that was on the system causing the problem for people. Hopefully it’s the same solution for everyone!

In this day and age, being a webmaster for a website involves more ‘skill’ in keeping the bad guys out whilst keeping the site available for the good guys. Every system that has PHP installed is vulnerable to a multitude of attacks from those based on PHP vulnerabilities to those based on attacks against the actual scripts themselves. To overcome this (and many other security issues involved with web servers) I have to run various security measures to try to stay one step ahead.

Unfortunately in this case, I was probably about 10 steps ahead and had left behind legitimate users too. I have tweaked the settings and, given that DD was the only site on the server that was receiving complaints about not being able to get in I think it may be correct.

Please let me know if you believe the problem is now resolved – if you still experience problems of a similar nature I will go ahead and look deeper at the security systems.

Thanks again,

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  1. I have had trouble for the past several days.. I could get into some diaries but not others, and could not leave a comment or click on latest entry.. etc.. the buttons didn’t seem to work.. Had trouble today but kept trying and finally got into the diaries I wanted to…
    It is odd..
    Thanx for the update and effort

  2. Steve, this is the first time I’ve seen the diary up since maybe Friday? Keep getting time out/server reset notices, and a good many people I know are having the same trouble – Yetzirah, mamallama, Pragmatist. I have received only 2 notifies from the same time period. Glad to see you post, I was starting to lose hope when emails to you bounced back to server issues as well.

  3. I haven’t been able to get on since my frantic comment, but got your notify and after two tries am here writing.
    One thing that does seem to be consistent is once ON DD, I cannot navigate to another page without a page timeout error happening.
    Time of day does not seem to have anything to do with it.
    I am totally flummoxed by the whole thing.
    It IS erratic, but if there is anything that stands out, it is that 95% of the time I cannot access DD at all for the last 6 days or so.
    Hope you can puzzle it out.
    We NEED you!

  4. For the past week I’ve had sporadic problems connecting, but usually could get through after two or three tries, or after just waiting a few minutes and trying again.

    Yesterday evening, however (US Central Time Zone) I was not able to connect at all throughout the evening, for many hours.

    Today it’s hit or miss. I was able to get an entry posted, then could not connect again for awhile.

    At the moment, things seem to be whizzing along smoothly, pages loading fast and I can go where I want. You can bet I will be reconnecting with my friends list and see if everyone is back up and running.

    Speaking of which…. we need a way to get in touch with you when we cannot access DD.

    What would be a good solution to that?

    Boy, it feels good to be back home.

    (I don’t LIKE Open Diary that much!)


    Thanks. Big Hug.

  6. Thank you very much, Steve for looking into this issue for us! you are doing a great job!
    Wednesday night is the first time I was able to connect from UK since Friday, hopefully your fix worked. Thank you again.

  7. Well, after a week of having only been able to get in once, I seem to be getting here just fine now. Keeping my fingers crossed– even though it makes typing difficult!

  8. I am back after a week …funny thing was my other desk top at our weekend place was getting in fine at the weekend . Its been about 8 days at my main address .Just wouldnt connect at all . Thanks for working on it Steve .

  9. Whatever you did worked cause I can get in now with no problems. Kinda disappointing, though. I was all set to blame it on Microsoft and Service Pack 3.


  10. I havent been able to get in all week. Then early in the AM on Sept 2nd, like 4am I was able to get in but then once again OUT. I could not even get to the first page of this site, it constantly has timed out.Now Im trying 2 days later before 6am and I can get in and read this! Ive been going nuts trying to get here all week and searching the net for tips and pointers of why I couldnt access this site and it was timing out.

    Hopefully its fixed for good now! Seeing as I was able to post this!

  11. You did a great job of fixing the problem as far as I can tell. I go crazy without my DD. Today it seems to be working for me. Hope others who had this problem are fixed as well. Thanks and have a great day, Richard

  12. Oh, thank you, and I’m so glad! I’m one of the people who haven’t been able to connect, enough so that I’d been contemplating the horrific task of transferring everything, including all the photos at Hamipiks to somewhere else.

    *big, relieved sigh*


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