Victorian Bushfire

I’m just writing to let you know that we’re OK – in case anyone who knows us reads here.

We still have a house, by the Grace of God. I can’t pretend to understand His plan, but for some reason He spared our house while others nearby burned to the ground.

We’re running on generator power at the moment, and internet access can be a bit sporadic so please be patient with us if you have any DearDiary support issues. We will try to get to them when we can.

So just a quick update, perhaps more will follow later!

Please keep praying for those that are less fortunate than us – some of our friends have lost everything – some including their lives. Last Saturday was just a tragedy.

Steve and Rose.

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  1. Thank you for the comment. The idea is to put out into the universe that which you would like, not to dwell on the negative that may be right now. Right now doesn’t exist, it is only a future moment that we have brought into existance. One trick for me is to go to bed at night with a vision of what my life is like as I would like it. Peaceful, full of beautiful moments, nature and new positive experiences. It is coming true day by day.


  2. Hey there. I hope things are better there now. I had a comment/question/request for you guys actually.

    Lately, I’ve noticed a large number of diaries that have no intention of being diaries. Instead, they contain an assortment of magazine ads, random literature and perhaps most irritating, random strings of words. They seem to put in 4-5 entries in a given day on a particular diary, then never write again. (see jokosaco18, tuqidigu39, gijoqopa22) among many others. Then new diaries are opened and more random nonsense is put in. I estimate that maybe they open 10 diaries a day at the very least.

    I was wondering if it was possible that you could put in some verification system when people sign up for diaries so that others can’t spam the site. I really appreciate what you guys do for us but it is quite annoying to click a diary and find out its spam. Newcomers may assume the diary site only contains spam. Anyways, hope to hear from you guys when you have the chance.

  3. The following is a list of spam diaries. Most have spam that pose as entries, containing links to particular websites on every entry. (like the first one that is trying to get you to buy magazine subscriptions) The latter half of the group simply have gibberish. These I suspect are the one and done spam. I believe this group is creating new diaries daily, all with material copied from literature. Though its possible they are all linked, exploiting the lack of a verification system for making new diaries. Thanks for being on top of it.


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