Note To Self

I also need to make sure that when comments are being viewed, to take into account the latest dated reader comment – otherwise newer comments don't get shown..

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  1. When I log in to a friends only entry it says I’ve been sucessful and I will be redirected. Except I’m not – if I then click on ‘home’ it takes me to the entry…

  2. I am very grateful that YOU know what you just wrote, because it’s enigmatic to me… 😉

    SOMEBODY needs to know how this thing really works!

    Thanks for being that person….

    Steve ..did you get my support note re the link in the renewal of my plus subscripion email not working ? I want to renew by mastercard ..what to do ? please advise .
    my email is [email protected] .
    thanks so much .

    Linda x

  4. Yeah, me again. Does that last entry explain why I see that I have nine comments when I look at my latest post, but only eight comments will display?

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