Hamipiks coming back online

Hi again,

   Wow, so many updates in so short a time. Hamipiks is now relocated and as the DNS catches up should come back online for everyone. This may take up to a day or so. Be aware that if Hamipiks comes back for you, it may not have come back for everyone else yet, so if you upload and reference a new picture, it may not show for everyone until the whole DNS has caught up.

I've also introduced (or rather, fixed!) the Last-Modified headers on Hamipiks, so thumbnails should load incredibly faster now if you've already loaded them once. The same should be true for the pictures themselves, however I've noticed that my browser (Firefox) doesn't cache the larger pictures and so it has to fetch the larger ones each time. Personally I think it's a Firefox bug but anyway.

As always, let me know how you go!


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  1. Actually, I’ve lost a comment now! I can now only display seven comments on my last entry, down from the eight I could display before out of the nine that my diary claims are out there!

    I am looking forward to the return of HamiPiks, though the upgrade did spare my readers of cat puke! *grin*

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