Slow Pageloads Presently

Hello all,

    I'm aware that DearDiary (and Hamipiks) page loads are very slow at the moment. Unfortunately the new server has less bandwidth allocation than the previous one, and when it reaches its limit it is slowed down. Under normal circumstances it won't reach its limit, but this month it has for a couple of reasons;

Downloading from the previous server meant gigabytes of data needed to move into the new server. There's nearly 2 gigabytes of TEXT data in the DearDiary entries database, and that's not including any diary images. Hamipiks contains over 7 Gigabytes of images. Not huge by Flickr or YouTube standards but of course for us it's pretty big 🙂

The second reason it won't normally happen is that because the server was introduced half way through the month, the bandwidth allowance has been unfortunately stretched over 45 days instead of 30 days. Consequently there's been longer to use the amount.

The good news is that the rollover date for the allocation restarting is June 25 – 3 days away, when speed should return to normal again.

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  1. Thank you for explaining the slow down. It will give me a good opportunity to practice patience. I hear it is a virtue worth cultivating. 🙂

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