Line Spacing Test

Testing double line spacing issue when using HTML editor

Please ignore 🙂

That looks better – now the entry shows up as it should if you're using the HTML editor – how come no-one complained about this?? Is no-one using the HTML editor except me? 🙂

WELL, it DID look better until I used Modify instead of Add… Bah

Maybe this time it works properly?

That's better – ah the wonderful joy of talking to oneself 🙂

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  1. I didn’t get the notify on this entry. The problem with the counts on the comments section remains, as does the problem of private comments not displaying.

    I guess that in the case of you moving the servers it’s a situation of "no good deed goes unpunished"!

  2. That HTML editor WAS being pesky with the double spacing. I downloaded Bloggar again and got it working right thank goodness for that…

    I got your notify.

    Oh, yeah, you must have figured THAT out.


  3. OMG I GOT A NOTIFY *squeals like a girly-girl*

    The HTML editor gave me a little grief yesterday but that’s the breaks. 404Error grumbled about the spacing a few months ago but it seems OK now.

    Thanks for all oof your hard work

  4. P.S. I still can’t modify any entries and haven’t been able to for more than a year though I know you’ve accessed my diary and have no trouble. Weird

  5. I don’t know what you did and I’m sure I wouldn’t understand it anyway, but that’s ok ’cause I’m back in the notify universe and life is good.

    Thanks Steve. 🙂

  6. um … I’m pretty sure we discussed this a few years back when people were getting tons of extra lines when they tried to use tables. The only way to delete the lines was to run all the table code together into one long string.

    There was a lot else going on back in the early days, and I suspect since there was a work-around it really didn’t warrant immediate attention.

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