Public Apology

I'd like to say a big public apology to Welshamethyst and Salamander because I've seriously let them down on the support front. I thought I had fixed their problem a while back but I didn't communicate that with them, which if I had, it would've given them a chance to tell me that in fact I had not fixed their problem at all.

I think I have fixed the problem and I'm hoping to hear back from them both to see if I have. If not I'll look further, but I did find an extra setting on the server's firewall which looks like it could easily have caused them problems.

I'm also aware that for some odd reason, followers of Yetzirah are still receiving notifies that have no link. That's extremely strange because everyone else's notify mails have links, and indeed for about a day, so did Yetzirah. I'll be trying to take this up with Yetzirah again shortly and I'll also be checking the code to see if I can see what's going on.

Once again my apologies to Welshamethyst and Salamander. If I've not found the source of your problem with my latest change I will look into it significantly quicker this time!


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    Steve, the Hamipiks problem is still unfixed. It started immediately after you moved servers. In Internet Explorer, I can display a picture loaded to Hamipiks once. After that, regardless of how many times I hit "refresh", the picture just indicates it’s a broken link.

    In Firefox and Safari, I get a similar problem. If I display a picture stored at Hamipiks for the first time, there is no problem. If I hit refresh, I get the broken link. If I hit refresh as second time, then the picture displays again. It will alternate between broken link and displaying ad infinitum.

    Once I’ve visited a page with a Hamipik on it in Internet Explorer (my primary browser), I can never display the picture again. I know that this is not just me – I had my husband check on his Apple netbook which is configured totally differently from mine, and he has the same problems.

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