Touched by your pledges!

In this entry I laid the situation we face on the line and I've been astonished by your responses. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and offers of assistance.

For those of you whose circumstances do not permit you to help, please do not feel bad. The time is simply not right for you and everyone has different seasons. Some can give, some can not – that is the way the world works and you should not feel bad because you're in a season where you can't give.

For those that can give, I'll give you a link at the bottom of this entry and you can choose how much you can donate. If you'd like me to add the donation to your Plus account if you have one (or would like your donation to make you into a Plus holder) then please include your username in the Paypal notes section so I can manually add you. If you pledged a monthly amount (and so far most people have said they'd prefer to donate just a one off payment to cover a month's running costs – which is astonishing and I can't tell you how honoured it makes me feel) I suspect we may need to setup a PayPal subscription or something, as the current DearDiary Plus billing engine can't do recurring donations except for Plus accounts…

Please click this link to provide your donation

For those who'd like to discuss the future possibilities for the site, including updating it to be more appealing to the masses, generating sufficient revenue to be self sustaining again, etc – please sign up to the Google Groups discussion I set up. It's kind of like a forum system where everyone can chat amongst ourselves and a record is kept for me to refer back to when I'm trying to make decisions about how best to do things!

You can Visit Our Google Groups Discussion here – or click here to donate

Finally, thank you to everyone who commented on the previous entry – you're all fantastic!

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