Spam Diaries, possible solution?

Hi all,
     The level of spam diaries has once again become ridiculous. This means that for now I have, once again, blocked the new user signup process.

I have in mind a possible solution, but it will require co-operation from you guys. So I'm writing to see if you think it's a viable alternative.

My thoughts are that I will update the software to provide a one stop button to DELETE a spam diary, for a number of privileged, long term diary users. If I implement this, anyone who has the flag set on their account will gain (after logging in) a link at the top of every page the clicking of which will simply remove that diary. The problem of course would be if you clicked on it when visiting someone's diary you didn't really intend to delete 🙂

Would people be willing to assist in the indiscriminate blitzing of spam diaries if they had an easy to use link at the top of the page? If you've been a diary user for some time and I can be reasonably sure you won't abuse the power, I'll be happy to implement something like this.

Let me know your thoughts.


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    I’m an everyday DD visitor, even though not posting much lately. Both of my Plus accounts have been on DD since 2003-2004. I have no intentions of leaving DD. So many times when I open the home page I wish for that "magic button" – Remove the Diary to be there, so annoying these spam pages are! If you decide to implement your suggestion, I’m volunteering to do the cleanup.

  2. Good idea of delegating the admin routine work. Most of the net forums would have a moderators group, I can’t see why DD can’t have one too.I would like to see, perhaps few things added to this function:

    if possible the diary remove dialogue to open in the new page to prevent accidental click while reading a friend’s diary;
    it should ask first before deleting "are you sure this is the diary you want to delete", like the one when you delete an entry.
    and also, perhaps, if there will be another thing to press along with the "priviledged to remove" button – "unsibscribed" or something for those who do not wish to moderate anymore.

    Best wishes

  3. I am not sure what a "spam" diary is..
    I only visit my friends diaries and mine is friends only.. so not sure if i’d be any help in this.. I visit limited entries..
    what is a spam diary?

  4. I’d be willing to volunteer for that duty, too. I’ve been here for nine years next month, not quite as long as some, but it’s still a pretty good chunk of time.

    Yep I will help (Im formally thewife and sparkler) so you know Ive been here forever and I just sent you guys the notice about the spam being a big problem on here the other day. 🙂

  6. Id be happy too, spam diaries are easy to spot, the titles even arent the norm, click on the diary and some go on and on about sports information but not like a personal diary, and its day in day out, or one is on handbags, etc etc, yesterday there was a bunch of them up so just look at the last 24 hrs worth of diaries and there are many, unless dd deleted them already.

  7. I’d be more than happy to help out. I’ve spotted those spam diaries quite often when I’ve been browsing, and they’re very annoying. A button to nuke them would be most satisfying (though I agree with those who’ve said an "are you sure?" dialogue would be a good idea to prevent accidental deleting a friend!).

    ^ ^

    I cannot check as the new user is disabled and I cannot remember by now if you do introduced the text verification check at registration already or not. My son has this double-verification on his site (just for example: He used this product:

    Apologies if this function does exist already, I just have no way to verify it 🙂

    hope this helps

  9. I would help too. I think that you should definitely have some sort of Are you sure you want to delete this page.

    And some sort of safety net for paid subscribers perhaps? I’d hate to make someone mad and then lose all these years….

  10. I got it. Why don’t you make it so three people have to delete it before it’s gone? Then nobody could choose to be petty and delete someone’s real diary just because of a spat.

  11. I’ve been here almost as long as Jami and am willing to do it. I agree with the "are you sure?" button and perhaps having a 2 or 3 person deletion is a good idea too. That way there is a confirmation and a reconfirmation. The spam diaries are pretty easy to spot but having at least a 2nd delete confirm will make sure that whomever you choose has back up.


  12. Alternatively to multiple authorisation we can have retention policy – the deleted diary is not actually deleted for few days/a week but becomes "hidden" from the update list. if the owner doesn’t come up complaining within the next few days.week, the diary is purged permanently. we can always try the easier to implement scheme first and see if it works and if not, introduce additional actions.

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