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In a fairly major oversight on my part, I realised that the current incarnation of DearDiary.Net does not require you to agree to any T&C’s before letting you loose on your diary.
This will be rectified over the next couple of days (when the code is ready), otherwise I leave myself open to all sorts of hassles, particularly when I delete spammers without warning 🙂
The T&C’s will be very similar to the old DD, and you will need to agree to them before the site will let you do any kind of administration (once I put them up) of your diary. If there is something in them that you really don’t like (and you’re a long time user of DD) please DO drop me a line and we’ll discuss it. Don’t just click the accept button.
The main driver for doing this is purely the amount of spammers on the site and I want the power to be able to delete them without recourse. Also, the Report User or Blog option should now work so if you spot a spammer, simply click from the menubar (you have to be logged in) and they’ll show up in my spammer queue and I can blat them!

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