Service Update

We have found an alternative hosting solution for DearDiary.Net (and .org) and associated hostings. It appears to be faster, definitely better customer service so far, and it’s half the price…
With that in mind, over the next couple of days (exactly when is presently unknown!) the sites will be moving (yet again, I know… But we have done nearly 2 years without a move!) to the new server, so you may, for perhaps half a day, see a ‘This site has moved to a new server’ message.
Don’t panic!

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  1. Hamipiks is still down, and I was unable to leave a message at the old site’s news diary. Is there an ETA on when Hamipiks will be restored?

    1. Sorry Sallamander, you’re the first person who’s mentioned it wasn’t working 🙂
      I’ve spent some time this morning on it and I believe it’s now working.
      I’ll check why you can’t leave messages on the old system too!

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