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I’ve switched the DearDiary.Net main diary ( this one, which you can get to by clicking the little DearDiary.Net… text in the top left of any diary ) to use the Genesis framework. In this way, I’m able to take advantage of all the goodness that is Genesis for this diary too. It was kind of weird being on a different theme to everyone else anyway – the original site had the same diary template (mostly because that’s all the original site could use :-)).
So now, if there are any template bugs I’ll find them a bit quicker I suspect!
I’m aware that the layout of the Latest DD News and the Latest Diary Updates is broken – I’ll be looking into that tomorrow. For now, it’s usable. Just.
I’m also aware that the Migrate Diary option is completely broken. This is an element I had not considered when I switched to Genesis, because it works completely differently behind the scenes to normal themes. So I have some work to do there. On that note, I’m also writing a bunch of automated test scripts so that in future (once they’re finished) I can test everything on my development machine before I send live changes up. This should avoid significant bugs being introduced between releases. Hopefully!

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  1. Looks great! 🙂 Can I please pin my old enquiry to the top again: the Previous Post/Next Post navigation doesn’t seem to work in Genesis Theme still. It is slightly annoying to have to return back to Home page to scroll to the previous posts in a blog, particular when the diary set to one post per page. :-/ in default theme this feature works fine.

    1. I see them as ‘Older Posts’ / ‘Newer Posts’ on your diary – is this what you mean? If it is, they seem to be working for me?
      If I’ve missed the plot, can you let me know a bit more detail to help me find it for you?

        1. Have you turned off your web link again? It didn’t show up…
          Also, you might like to grab yourself a gravatar – it doesn’t have to be your picture, and the email address you associate with it never shows up on your comments, it uses some fancy hashcode…

          1. Sorry, Maintenance Mode was turned on, as I’ve been fiddling with the Pallett again, she doesn’t like me, it seems. (and it is mutual, I’m afraid ;-() lol…
            PS do not like fancy pictures by my name, they force an impression, even if they’re neutral picture. I’ll stick with default for now, until find something I can live with.

          2. I’m done, Steve, thank you very much! worked like a charm without CDN, flawless. You can switch it back on, if you wish. Once again, many thanks indeed!

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