Hi all,
If you’ve put in a migration request and it hasn’t happened within about 10 minutes or so, please get in touch. You should be able to use the Help
button at the top of the front page, but if you can’t for some reason, or you get no response, please go to the Facebook group – DDFuture and post a comment or request in there. If you don’t have Facebook, leave a comment on this entry and I will investigate for you.
Sometimes the migration system borks for some reason which I’ve yet to get to the bottom of. Normal migrations should take less than 10 minutes, so if yours takes longer, please do seek assistance!
I’ve just manually run some, so you may find yours has now gone through. You should get an email if you requested a migration – if you haven’t, again drop me a line through the channels above. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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