Call for Volunteers

I’m looking for volunteers….
I’ve long since abandoned the idea that DearDiary.Net will ever pay for the server on which it’s hosted and as a result I’ve set up some other websites that do assist with paying the server fees. They can be found at and
But, and this is where my call for help comes in, I REALLY need some new content to put on them. Please have a look at the sites, and if you think you can contribute an article or two (or as many as you’d like) it would really help us out. We can attribute you as the author and link to your diary (or a personal homepage of your choice) which may well assist you if you want to write semi-professionally or professionally for other sites in the future.
Thanks for your time reading this – if you have any questions you can raise them here or drop me an e-mail to steve (at) kabarty . net – thanks again!

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  1. What sorts of things do you want reviewed for the imho site? (Can’t help with the mac one sorry – I avoid all things i-whatever)

    1. Hey FutureCat,
      Anything is fair game on imho – products are probably the easiest. They should be things you’ve used and can be as varied as home appliances ( tv’s, washing machines, microwaves, gadgets etc. ) through to books, cars, anything really 🙂
      Any help is much appreciated.

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