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So, after much humming and harring (that is a real word you know) – I have actually got around to finally moving the DearDiary.Net service to a proper hosting provider again.

It was previously hosted on a server in my house, running over my own broadband connection. Whilst this was nice and cheap, it was somewhat slow and required me having a PC that was permanently switched on.

It’s now hosted on a proper server grade machine which should in theory mean no more downtime.

There is a downside though. I cannot move the old service to the new provider. The code is too old and is completely unsupported on modern hosting platforms. This was the reason I developed the new site in the first place – all those years ago.

So, for now, the original site is still hosted in my private residence. Very shortly, the old site will switch to being read-only. If you want to continue upgrading you will need to migrate your diary to this new site.

Don’t do that yet though – I have not tested the migration process for about 5 years. It probably will not work at this moment. I will be testing it over the next few days and making sure it is robust.

There is one massive advantage to the new site. It’s running on WordPress. Which means if you ever want to move your diary from here to somewhere else that is running WordPress you can simply export it and import it to the new place. So long as it’s running WordPress it’ll work.

I will be spending some more time getting new features working and clearing up old systems that probably aren’t required any more. This will take time.

There’s also going to be some exciting news coming for those who want to support the site into the future 🙂 Watch this space – more news coming soon.

Thanks everyone and welcome to the new server!

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