Another New Server

So, after migrating the enormous mess that calls itself to a new host the other day it became apparent the hosting plan it was on was completely unsuitable for such a massive site. There’s over 3000 diaries registered on the new system (contrast that with around 60,000 on the legacy site though!) and they all take up space.

Nevertheless, after receiving an angry e-mail telling me I was well over the usage restrictions for the shared hosting plan I’ve had to move again. This time it’s a server under my control.

I have also modified the procedure for deploying new changes to the site – which allows me to lock down various files against change. This should much reduce the security risks to everyone’s diaries since the most common attack vector is to upload a malicious file and then inject malware into the code that runs the site. This shouldn’t be possible any longer.

But, there’s a potential downside. Some things within WordPress require write access to directories. My changes may revoke that access for WordPress itself when it needs it. If you find you’re unable to upload images or use a plugin you think should be working – drop me a line to let me know and I’ll take a look.

But in theory, this should be the last move. This server is well able to cope with the big demand DearDiary.Net places on it.

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