Linux On The Laptop?

So, over the past few weeks I’ve been on a bit of a ‘degoogling’ spree. I love Android, and I don’t mind Google per-se. Except the amount of data they know about me (and that’s just the stuff they admit to) is absolutely staggering. I suspect they actually know what I had for dinner on any given night.

So my phone now runs Android Open Source using a variant of LineageOS for my Oneplus 6. It doesn’t have the Google Services Framework installed. As a result Google can only tell which websites I’ve been to if they have Google Ads or Adsense installed. Assuming I don’t run any adblocker of course. Which I might. Not telling 😉

Which then got me to reading up a bit more about various privacy things and I discovered that Windows 10 sends a boatload of information back to Microsoft about what you do on your PC and what’s installed.

What is up with this these days? Why does everyone want to know what I’m up to?

Anyway – my Surface Pro 4 is now running Linux Mint 19. And it looks mighty fine for it.

Spin off benefit – Docker works much much better under Linux. Much quicker, doesn’t take up nearly as much RAM or disk space and starts up almost immediately. Bonus 🙂

The touch screen on the Surface Pro 4 doesn’t work in Mint. But I rarely use it anyway. It’s basically, for me, just a high powered, ultra light and thin laptop anyway.

Who knows how long I’ll stay on this – I shall keep you posted 🙂

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  1. My middle son gave me his old Surface a few weeks ago. I have to say I am having a fun time with that thing! I had to buy a new keyboard for it and a new power coupling, but I didn’t mind a bit. I’m learning how to use One Note for taking notes on a series of mp3 lectures I have that really required some extensive notes for future reference. I wanted to sit comfortably while working on them. This thing just fits the bill. It’s I think the original one they came out with in 2015?? Anyway, besides a wonky battery, it works just peachy! Keeping it plugged in is not a problem for me. I’m learning Windows 10 also, which is something I felt like I should as it is a gap in my computer knowledge since being a Mac user for so many years now. Glad you are happy with your new set up on yours! I have to say I would almost consider getting a Surface as my main computer when this Mac does its swan dive. 🙂

  2. Just tried to upload photos and they won’t go through… just an FYI.
    Where do you want us to put our problems with DD? Here or on the FB page??

    1. FB page is probably better than comments here. Or use the contact us tab at the top there 🙂
      Fixed it now anyway – permissions issue. Keep an eye on it – if it plays up again I’ll have to look at why permissions keep getting reset..

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