Covid-19 Pandemic And Social Changes

I just wanted to drop a quick note in to check in on everyone and make sure everyone is OK?

This is a really stressful time for many people at the moment. Life has changed for many in ways we didn’t really think could happen in our lifetimes. For me, I’m still going to work – that comes with the territory. But for many of you it’s probable that if you haven’t already, you will soon start to feel isolated, potentially alone (even if you’re isolating with family) and restricted.

DearDiary.Net is here to stay, during this pandemic and beyond. You may not be able to physically get out and about with your friends, but you can still interact with your friends here. DearDiary.Net operates remotely. It (almost) always has. There is no need for me to go anywhere to keep the system running. The servers on which DearDiary.Net also operate remotely and most of the workers involved in the operation of the datacentre will be working from home.

Writing things down during times of crisis has been very therapeutic throughout times when I’ve been stressed. Professional advice I’ve taken at those times has suggested that I journal my feelings. If you do not wish to share your thoughts publicly you have don’t have to.

Private Entries

If you want to write here as a therapy process you can do that. Entries do not have to be public. Indeed, many of the writers at DearDiary.Net have private diaries whereby the whole diary is hidden from public view.

If your normal diary is public, but you want a private diary during this time – you can sign up for multiple diaries under the same account. For the old-timers here that may not be familiar since you had to have separate accounts on the old site. The new site allows multiple diaries under the same account. It also allows multiple authors for the same diary if you’d like to create a shared diary.

Set DearDiary Entry to Private

Nevertheless, if you want to keep your diary public but want only some entries to be private, you can easily do that by changing the privacy setting on the entry. On the right hand side of your screen you’ll see the toolbox window. If you cannot see it, click the small gear icon on the top right of the entry window (next to Publish button). Inside the toolbox window you’ll see Document and Block. Click Document. Choose Visibility and set the visibility to Private (or Password Protected if you prefer – then if you want someone else to be able to read the entry they can, if you give them the password).

Friends Only Entries

DearDiary.Net has the concept of friends, whereby you can select people you wish to notify when you make an update to your diary (if they request to be notified that is!) and you can also choose which of these friends have access to your friends only entries.

DearDiary.Net set entry as friends only

If you mark an entry as only visible to friends then nobody else can read your entry. Other people will know the entry is there so be careful with your title. We chose this way because it’s the best way we could think of to show people that they may want to request to become your friend.

In any case – to mark your entry as only available for friends to read, choose the document tab from the entry toolbox window (as described above) and scroll down until you find the Entry Options section. Underneath that you’ll see Friends Only Entry. Put a tick in that box and now your entry is only available to friends.

To add new friends, navigate to the DearDiary Options menu on the left hand side menu. Under there you will see Notification / Friends menu where you can manage who is your friend.

Together We Will Get Through This

Writing is therapeutic and may just be a welcome break from the news cycle of doom and gloom. It can also help your friends to know how you’re doing and let them know if you need a bit of moral support and/or other help.

In times of other troubles, the DearDiary.Net community has been absolutely the best at pulling together and helping each other. We’re only a small community now compared to our previous hayday – but we’re still a community and I know, that between us all, we can get through this together.

Thinking of you all!

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  1. As one who is just about to write my first entry talking about what is going on, I agree with you that it is very helpful to have a place to record our thoughts during challenging times. I was hoping all was well with you and your family, and knew you were probably very busy since last I heard you were studying to be an EMT. 🙂
    I don’t know if you have had any others mention it, but the photo uploading isn’t working right now. I just checked before I wrote this just to make sure you hadn’t noticed it already.
    So happy you posted something as I was worrying about you all down under! 🙂

    1. Wow – your hearing is very delayed – lol… I’ve been a paramedic on road for 6 years….
      I’m also no longer in Australia either. I’ve been back in the UK for 2 years. Long story.
      I’ll look into the photos thing now!

      1. Yes, well, I’m always the last to hear what’s going on. It’s a longstanding joke for me! So what’s the long story?? 🙂 Thanks for fixing the photo uploading issue. Are you crazy busy in your work right now?? How ARE things in the UK with all this kerfuffle?

  2. Hi Steve,
    franny (bananafish), i have kept a diary since the 7th grade. i began writing at deardiary in 1999 and what i have found it that it has been invaluable when trying to locate information in the past. i agree that writing is therapeutic and i am glad you have continued to maintain this wonderful website. here in nyc, we’re hanging tough and chilling with our pets, families, significant others etc.
    take care, stay healthy, be safe.

    1. Hey Franny!
      You were one of our long time diarists from way back 🙂 Good to hear from you again.
      I didn’t realise you were in NYC – stay safe and stay away from absolutely everyone – it sounds horrendous over there!

      1. Yes, I live in Brooklyn and commute into Manhattan via subway… it’s like playing Russian roulette x2 everyday. Not a matter of if, but when. We NY’ers do what we gotta do. Most folks are holed up indoors though.

  3. I am delayed in reading some entries for some reason, but I am getting through my days with the Coronavirus in our city and two people have tested positive for the virus in my building. Staying away from others and going out whenever I have dialysis and back home. I have cares coming every day as long as neither one of us gets the virus. I am hanging in there and pray to God daily for this to be over soon. With kidney disease, I am thankful I am not ill.
    I am glad you are doing fine.

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