The Old (Legacy / Archive) DearDiary Is Now Read-Only

As has been announced on various occasions recently, particularly in the Facebook Group (feel free to join!), the old DearDiary system is now 20 years old and the code on which it runs is too old to be maintained safely.

Unfortunately, as a result, the old legacy system is being phased out. Your entries will always be available even if you do nothing. The new system can read your entries and display them on this site. However, in order to take advantage of new features – such as mobile optimizations, search engine optimizations, advanced theme options, multiple add-ons and many more things, you will need to Migrate Your Diary – you can do that by clicking that link back there, or at any time by clicking the Migrate menu button at the top of the screen on the main DearDiary.Net homepage.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we do understand that the old site’s look and feel was favoured by some of you. But it was completely un-maintainable and the risk to your data too great as the code became older and older.

We hope you’ll migrate your diary and continue using DearDiary.Net on this new, faster, more flexible and secure system.