Web Server Changes

The proposed changes to the web server config file have now been made. It’s a fair bit more efficient in there now, and more importantly, I can actually (mostly!) read it. It was like a ruddy birds nest before!

The httpd process size has dropped by about 1Meg (meaning it should scale a bit better) thanks to some really obvious optimizations. I have no doubt I could do some more actually, but I shall probably leave that for later. I’ve had quite enough stress for one week!

If anyone notices any weird occurances (like getting the wrong page, or wrong server even) PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! Don’t whine amongst yourselves, please let me know 🙂

It -seems- to be functioning correctly though.

Some extra functionality has come on board, notably ALL content now specifies an expiry time, so transparent caches and proxies SHOULD, in theory, reget the information after ten minutes… In this way, hopefully the dynamic parts of the site (or, most of it!) should change properly. Let me know if you experience any weirdies or weirdos!


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