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This is probably long overdue but finally, we’re pleased to announce protection from diaries with adult content for the kids, and protection from breaking laws for authors of adult diaries. A win win situation, we hope!

If you write a diary that contains adult content you MUST place your diary in the Adult Genre. Any diary in the Adult Genre will NOT allow access unless the person concerned has a valid AdultVerifier account. An AdultVerifier account will verify your age by means that are accepted legally in the US, and probably most of the rest of the world, by charging a membership fee to your credit card. Yes, sorry its another pay for service, but in reality there is no other accepted online way to prove your age. We hope people who want to read the adult diaries will understand, particularly since there are so many kids who read and write diaries here.

We had a choice really, that was to provide an option whereby adults who want to read adult diaries have that freedom, and indeed adults who want to write adult diaries also have that freedom, but without exposing under age people to what may be in their content, or to completely ban adult diaries.

As you know, DearDiary.Net ISN’T as free and easy as some of the other diary sites. Thats because we believe we have a duty to protect the children of our world and protect the general, decent people from those that would abuse their anonymity. However, we don’t disagree with adult material, in the right place and shown to the right audience, so these checks are in place to ensure that the material can only reach the right audience. (Incidentally, that first sentence isn’t intended to imply that authors writing adult material aren’t decent people!)

Anyway, feel free to provide feedback about this to the usual addresses…

A note to ALL diarists who write adult material. PLEASE move your diary into the Adult Genre as soon as possible. The Terms and Conditions will be updated such that adult diaries will be made immediately private if they are found outside of the Adult Genre. Please respect our policy on this. To change the Genre in which your diary is placed, login, click Customize then choose General Diary Option > Basic Settings. You will see the genre list. Adult is (at least at the moment) at the bottom.

If you’re NOT an adult diary reader, and you come across an adult diary that is not in the Adult Genre, please mail [email protected] and let us know the user name or diary ID. We will move the diary manually as soon as possible.

Before I sign off, I know this may be controversial, and I understand if people don’t like the idea. Please feel free to express your opinions to us on the issue. I can’t guarantee we will be able to please everyone that writes, but we will try where we can.


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