Rest In Peace Pragmatist

It is a sad day for DearDiary and many of our readers. We've been advised that Pragmatist, one of our long time diarists, has passed away in her sleep overnight.

I've personally had interactions with Pragmatist through the support e-mail address and she was a lovely lady who will be missed by many.

For those who've written to us asking that her diary remain available as a memoriam to her, unless her family request otherwise then of course the diary will remain available. Pragmatist loved her diary and loved her readers, keeping it available seems like an appropriate thing to do.

Rest In Peace Pragmatist – I hope to meet you up there with the Lord when it's my turn!

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    If I get a chance, I will speak to the family about it. I doubt they will object to keeping her diary up and running… but I’ll do my best to find out.

    She was quite the character. I’m glad her passing was peaceful.

  2. thank you so much
    as another diariest just wrote me..going back and reading her entries are like her speaking to us now.
    She was a beautiful strong woman with so much love to share.. She had so much wonder and awe .. never a negative comment to anyone.. Rare spirit who loved her deardiary friends and always sang their praises.

    I’ve been in contact with her family and they have no objection to her diary being kept open. They knew what a big part it played in her life and they are grateful for the friends she made on here.

    If you need confirmation from her family I can put you in touch with her sister or her daughter.

    Thanks so much

  4. Thank you so much for being here to make such wonderful connections possible between such a unique and wonderful group of people. I have so much love for the friends I have met here over the years, and feel as though this is my family. No matter where I go, my friends are always here with me. Pragmatist, Chaya, was and still is such a positive influence in my life. What a true gift it has been to know her through this medium. Her gift to me will continue as long as I live. Such a positive role model! There for me in so many ways . . . and I even had the gift of being able to speak to her although I did not get to meet her in person.

    Thank you Steve and Rose for everything you are to me personally, and for the deep and meaninful friendships you have allowed to nurture here. What a truly caring and giving group of people you have been able to nurture here.

    We may all interract through a keyboard, but our hearts truly do touch one-another.

    Love to you, and all my Dear Diary friends . . . I am truly blessed.

    The gift of Pragmatist (Chaya) will go on and her diary is a wonderful tribute to an amazing and kind woman.


    I spoke to Chaya’s daughter today at the funeral. She said yes please keep Pragmatist’s diary up and available on Dear Diary.

    There was a nice turnout. Over 50 people were there today. Plus two Rabbis… we are going to miss her, I’ll tell you…

    In the ‘real’ world, and the virtual one too.



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