More Server News

Well, we heard back from DigitalNation (A verio company!) about the server, they’re estimating that we get the server on October 4th so given that, the time to get the domain moved over to it and get everything installed, working and (hopefully) secure, we should be ready to go live the following Monday or maybe even the Friday if we get lucky (but then again, we’re both married so that doesn’t happen too often now heheeh (he says running away from rolling-pin wielding wife!)).

Steve managed to get in touch with the ad provider today and it looks like it’s speeded a few things up nicely, we were getting ready to give up on them since it was getting very hard to get in touch and get things moving but now hopefully we’ll be getting ready nicely 🙂

Loads more development done – it’s all in the background at the moment, the new customisation code is currently over 50k of Perl and is running to about 1500 lines, all as yet untested (gulp) but that will be sorted once we get it brought online. I’m hoping to have it finished off tomorrow morning (well, *this* morning since it’s currently 00:45 on the 25th 🙂 ) and brought online so that Steve and I can do some initial bashing and testing of it on Sunday.

Steaming on!


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