Update on Links in Entries

Greetings again everyone,

     2 entries in one day – although I must have my timezone set wrong cos the system thinks its 2 days, but anyway…

So, after a Reader Comment that talked about not being happy for a Plus account holder to not be able to add links in entries, it struck me that I should be able to allow Plus account holders to add links – they've verified they're not spammers and it's a pretty straight forward and bulletproof way of doing it.

So – if you're a Plus account holder you can add links to your entries again – and to prove it, there's one below 🙂


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  1. Thanks Steve. I wasn’t about to complain, since I understood the reason why you had to disable linking to begin with, but I appreciate being able to again as a Plus Account holder.

  2. What happened?? I was able to write my diary entries fine until recently, now I can only type up to a certain point and then the scrolling stops & I can’t see anymore. The scrolling has stopped again! Was something changed??

    ohohohoh….good businesses man, there. I’ve had a couple of ads that we all should go plus for you. my problem is that the stupid pay pal can’t be used on mine…i’m so outted, that there’s no point of making a firewall now. The whole system is now sick, I’d still need my computer fixed.
    I’m hoping my son will do it after graduation.
    Blessings, and how nice to hear a ‘CEO’ actually LISTEN to his/her users.!
    God bless,

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