In a desperate bid to actually earn SOMETHING from this site, I’m investigating getting some DD.Net T-Shirts printed, if anyone is interested in purchasing (they’ll be about 12 quid ($18) each, less if lots and lots of people want them) one or more, drop me a note and I’ll add you to the list 🙂

Once the design is finalised I’ll try to post it on here so that you can see what it’ll look like before you part with your cash, and I’ll need to see about how we can accept payment… Not sure if IBill will accept tangible goods payments. We may also entertain the idea of a good discount for Premium Members… The design will definitely be, how should I put it, errr, thought provoking for people walking past you when you’re wearing it 😉

If anyone would possibly be interested in other DD.Net (or AtomIC Systems) merchandise, please drop me a line 🙂


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  1. Replying a little late on this one…but I’d be interested too in the tshirt idea…

    As plenty of people I know know that I have a diary (I just never say what my *name* is)…

    Just one question as you guys are in UK…how much is shipping gonna be to the USA?


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