Places to store your Photo's

As I promised, so far I have the following sites to suggest: was suggested by TimeTraveler, and Sys4 suggested Tripod (.com or

I haven’t used either of these services so I don’t know how your experiences will be, but they are options.

A word of warning though, I think Geocities are just the first to do this, they won’t be the only ones. Photo’s are a large drain on their bandwidth and they get absolutely nothing out of it, you don’t even necessarily know the picture came from their servers let alone them getting a banner or something – it’s not sustainable for them.

Another suggestion is to approach your own ISP and see if you get any free webspace with your internet access, a lot of ISP’s give you some space for free, some charge a little for it but you can be reasonably sure that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Ofcourse, there is the Atomic Photo Album stuff coming on reasonably soon now so there will be that option for subscribed users. Atomic Albums allows you to store all your photo’s on our servers as well as providing some neat navigation so that people can (perhaps, if you so desire) browse your photo album even 🙂


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